How to Burn a Series of Shows Onto One DVD

Burn a TV series to watch on your television.
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A TV series usually includes 13 to 26 episodes per season, so burning an entire series on a DVD may require video compression. Depending on the number of episodes and their running time, you may lose some quality by compressing the files enough to fit on one disc. Since most video-compression programs don't include a disc-burning feature, use separate software to burn a disc. Free DVD-authoring software creates disc menus so that you can skip to a particular episode using a DVD player remote control.

  • Blank DVD

1 Compress Video Files

2 Download a video converter

Download a video converter such as HandBrake or Movavi (links in Resources). These programs are compatible with most video formats -- such as AVI, MP4, 3GP and FLV -- and include options for reducing a file's size to a specified amount.

3 Open the video converter

Open the video converter and choose a source file. In HandBrake, click “Source,” and in Movavi, click “Add Files.” Choose a file from your computer and click “Open.”

4 Choose a compression amount from the settings menu

Choose a compression amount from the settings menu. In HandBrake, select “Constant Quality” and drag the slider to the left to increase compression. You may have to experiment the first time to find out how much the video is compressed because HandBrake doesn't display a file size preview. Movavi enables you to specify the output size by clicking “File Size” in the Output column next to a video and dragging the slider to the left. The approximate output file size is displayed in the window, but the actual size may differ slightly after compression.

5 Compress the video

Compress the video by clicking “Start” in HandBrake or “Convert” in Movavi. The conversion can take 30 seconds to about an hour, depending on the file size. Repeat this process for each video in the series.

6 Burn a DVD

7 Download a DVD

Download a DVD-Authoring program such as Freemake or DVDStyler (links in Resources). These programs create DVDs with separate tracks and menus that list the individual files on the disc.

8 Open the disc-burning application

Open the disc-burning application and start a new project. In DVDStyler, choose “Create a New Project,” select “NTSC” and click “OK.” Enter a disc name in the Title field and select a DVD menu style. Freemake automatically creates a new project, so you don't need to do anything.

9 Add files to the video queue

Add files to the video queue by clicking the “+” button in either program. When the file browser window pops up, hold down “Ctrl” while choosing videos to select more than one. Click the “Burn DVD” button in either program to burn a disc.

10 Insert a blank DVD

Insert a blank DVD in your computer and click “Burn.” The process can take up to 30 minutes for a full DVD.

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