How to Make a Relationship Official in High School

Take your dating status from casual to couple at the school prom.
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It's official; you're finally in a real relationship. Now that the commitment is made, spreading the word is on your agenda. You can make your relationship official in high school any number of ways. From using social media to telling everyone at your best friend's birthday bash, finding the right way to spread the word can be the difference between making an announcement and fueling the rumor mill.

1 Clear Commitment

Before you can begin to tell your friends and classmates that "it's official" you need to make a clear commitment to your honey. The pledge to stick with your partner is a must if you want to have a real relationship, according to the article "Love and Romance" on the TeensHealth website. Unless the two of you have a commitment conversation, don't assume that anything is official. Finding out that your guy is seeing other girls when you think he is faithful is both hurtful and embarrassing. Instead of jumping to conclusions, sit your guy down and let him know what you want out of a relationship.

2 Rumor Mill

Your friends should hear about the relationship from you, not through random high school gossip. Rumors spread when someone wants to hurt you or gain popularity at your expense. If you have concerns that a friend or acquaintance will take your "official" status and twist the facts, tell only your closest confidants. Before the gossip starts going around, talk to your partner about making it official. Ask her if she's ready to announce it and decide if you want to tell your friends as a couple or on your own.

3 Social Media

If secrecy isn't an issue, using social media to make your relationship "official" will let all of your friends know the big news at once. Changing your status to "in a relationship" makes you "Facebook official." Avoid changing your status or posting something about your new coupling until you have discussed doing so with your partner. He may not want all of his 533 friends -- which may include his grandma and Aunt Alice -- to know about his romantic life.

4 Event Announcement

If you and your partner spend most of your time with the same friends, make it official at a group gathering. For example, spill your romance secret at your friend's summer pool party, the cafeteria lunch table or while you're out at the local pizza parlor together. You don't need to stand up in front of your friends and make a speech about your official status. instead, slide it into the conversation or show up holding hands and see who asks what's up.

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