What Does It Mean When My Girlfriend Wants to Take It to the Next Level?

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She wants to "take it to the next level," but you're left wondering what exactly she means. When your girlfriend wants to move your relationship to a new place, understanding what she expects is essential. Before you assume that you know what she wants and needs, sit down and have her spell it out for you. Doing so will make moving your relationship to a new place easier for both of you.

1 Grow Closer

If your relationship is still in a superficial space, saying that she wants to take things to the next level may mean growing closer or creating an emotional bond. For example, even though the two of you go on dates and see each other at school or work, you only really know each other on the surface. You know who her favorite movie star is and what music she likes to listen to, but when it comes to her inner-most thoughts, you're clueless. Moving to a deeper place in your relationship takes sharing and revealing intimate details about yourself, such as your hopes, dreams and fears.

2 Make a Pledge

When you're in a casual relationship and your girl wants more, the "next level" likely means making a commitment. Doing so takes a verbal pledge or promise to each other, making your relationship truly official. A commitment also means deciding that you'll stand by your girl, and she'll stand by you, through thick and thin, according to the article "Love and Romance" on the TeensHealth website. For example, a rumor is going around school that your girl cheated on test to get her 4.0 grade point average. Knowing it isn't true, you stay by her side and defend her smarts and honesty.

3 Exclusive Option

Whether you're actively dating other people or not, taking your relationship to another level often means making it exclusive. Your girl may not know or feel entirely sure if you have other "girlfriends" on the side. If she wants something deeper and more meaningful from you, the next step is to call your relationship exclusive. Being in an official relationship often means staying true to one another, and not seeing other people. If your girlfriend brings this up, chances are she wants to make sure the two of you are on the same page before the relationship goes any further.

4 Friends and Family

Its likely that your closest friends already know about your relationship. That said, if it's still somewhat casual, when your girl asks you to take it to the next level she may want to make it "friends official." After you discuss making a commitment, or being exclusive, she may want to share the news with everyone she knows. Even though her BFF knows that the two of you have been dating, the rest of her social circle may not. Telling her other friends, as well as yours, in person or through social media takes your relationship into the open.

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