One Minute Games for Kids

Keeping a child's interest is key to keeping them happy with a game.

Children love to play games. The only issue with children’s games is that children can easily become bored with a game, making them disinterested and rowdy again. But there is a kind of game called one-minute games that are short games that can be played by children in lesser periods of time, thus keeping their interest longer.

1 Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic board game where one child draws a picture and the others try to guess what the picture is. This is a free-form game that is played in short rounds of one minute per player. So, if you have four children, the game could conceivably be finished in four minutes. However, you will find that the game is infectious; often making the kids want to play many more rounds than this.

2 Television Shows

Each child takes a turn being the television and the other kids call out what kind of television show the want to watch. The television kid has one minute to try and come up with as many ideas for television shows and act them out that they can. The kid with the most television show ideas at the end of one minute wins the game. This can be a funny game that will cause the children to laugh hysterically.

3 Pass the Egg (Hot Potato)

For this game, you might want to put the kids outside. Give them some eggs and round them in a circle. Then, they are to pass the egg around the circle until one minute is up. At the end, the person with the egg is out and has to sit out for the rest of the game. Also, if the egg breaks, the kid who makes it break is out and the round starts with a new egg. This game might get messy, so make sure none of the kids are wearing their Sunday finest.

4 The Mummy Game

A perfect game for Halloween; each group of kids gets several rolls of toilet paper and has one minute to wrap it around one of their group to make a mummy. However, if the roll rips on its own, the kids have to start over again. At the end of the game, you can judge the mummies to see which one is the best. The winner should get some kind of prize or extra candy.