Flash cards are a wonderful tool to help your child learn. But why pay several dollars for cards on each subject when you can easily make your own? Using just a few common household items, you can quickly make your own flash cards on any subject. In the article below, you will find two sets of instructions to make your own flash cards.

Make Your Own Flash Cards by Hand

In order to make your own flash cards by hand, you will need index cards or card stock and markers, pens or pencils. If you are using card stock, it will need to be cut into approximately 5-by-3-inch rectangles.

On the first side of the index card, write a question. For this example, we will make math flash cards. A math problem such as 4 + 4 will be on one side. For young children, you might want to consider drawing small pictures instead of using numbers, so you would draw four circles + four circles.

On the back of the index card, write the answer to your problem. In the example used above, 4 + 4, the answer on the back of the flash card would be 8, or eight circles if drawing pictures for young children.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Make Your Own Flash Cards on the Computer

To make your own flash cards on the computer, you will need word-processing software, card stock and a printer. For the example below, Microsoft Works Word Processor has been used, as it comes installed on most computers.

Open a blank document in Microsoft Works Word Processor. Go to table at the top and click on "Insert Table." A small box will appear on your screen. Reset the number of rows you need and change the row height to 2 inches and the column width to 3 inches, then click OK.

Inside each box, type the questions or problem. For example, type a vocabulary word or, for young children, use a picture of the word. Change the font, the color and the size of your question to your liking. Print this page.

Change the questions to answers in each box. In the example used above, the flash cards are for learning vocabulary words, so type the definition to the word in the box. Then print the answers onto the back of the questions. Be sure to follow your printer instructions for two-sided printing.

Cut out the flash cards and use as you normally would.