While at business school, you learn leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

Many people choose to go to business school to advance their career. In addition to adding another line to your resume, a Master of Business Administration degree, or MBA, can help you hone many vital business skills such as negotiating, communicating and problem solving, which can help you pursue a broad range of careers.

Core Subjects

While the exact subjects and topics you will learn in pursuing your MBA are unique to each university, many schools require a core curriculum. These classes focus on the fundamental skills behind successful business management, such as communication and analytical thinking. At the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, the core curriculum includes accounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics and operations along with leadership, ethics and communication. At the University of California at Berkeley, the core classes also focus on economics, accounting, decision making, leadership and ethics.

Business Knowledge

Business school helps you understand the key functions of business. By taking courses such as accounting, finance, international business and marketing, you learn how to strategically run a business. By learning about strategic management, you can analyze plans, vision and programs within a business and help determine what methods and resources are best employed to reach those goals.

Communication Skills

Within nearly every business school class, communication skills are key. Throughout various courses, you will practice solving problems, making decisions and presenting results. This helps you develop the abilities to analyze and effectively communicate ideas.

Negotiation Skills

There is more to negotiating than communicating well. Many business schools teach you how to negotiate properly. This skill can help you achieve favorable agreements with colleagues, customers, investors, partners and suppliers. Classes teach how to structure deal making, bring multiple parties together and make decisions under pressure.

Leadership Skills

During business school, you will focus on understanding businesses and how to make them better. Many MBA courses focus on improving your critical thinking skills and looking at the bigger picture. Business students are taught to think about values, how decisions impact others and the long-term value of a project. All of these characteristics can help you become a better leader.