If you have thoroughly prepared for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), but you have still gotten a low LSAT score, you may still be able to get into law school. Granted, the road to law school will be harder with a low LSAT score, but it is not impossible.

Step 1

Keep your grades up. Your GPA needs to be a 3.8 or above to make it into law school with a low LSAT score. A low LSAT score + a low GPA = 0 chance at law school admission.

Step 2

Go to the LSAT website and use the GPA & LSAT analyzer tool to find out which law schools will take you with a low LSAT score.

Step 3

Have an English professor take a look at your Law School Admission Council personal statement. Get a second opinion from another English professor, then make the changes they suggested. Have them look at your personal statement after you have made the suggested revisions.

Step 4

Contact the admissions director at the schools to which you are applying. Be honest about your low LSAT score and anything else that may be of concern. Take heed of all of their advice. Do not rely on law school admissions advice from anyone unless they are law school admissions personnel, LSAC personnel or someone who has actually gained admittance to law school at one point or another. Smile, nod and ignore the rest.

Step 5

Target the professors that you would like to have write your law school references. Work really hard for them and show them your abilities. Make sure you ask them what they think of your academic performance before you ask them to write the letter of recommendation. You don't want your letter of recommendation to end up being a letter of "no confidence."

Step 6

Volunteer at a local legal aid clinic and work hard. Get to know the lawyers who work/volunteer there as well and ask to be mentored. Ask that lawyer to write a letter of recommendation for you after you have been with the organization for some time. Don't forget to ask for her opinion before you ask her to write the letter.

Step 7

If your LSAT score is extremely low, you should consider re-taking the exam to get a higher score.