How to Iron a Skirt & Not Have Iron Shine

A few simple precautions prevent iron shine.
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Shiny earrings are show-stopping, and shiny lip-gloss turns heads -- but shine on an otherwise matte skirt leaves you awkwardly trying to cover up rather than basking in the glow of your outfit. This dreaded iron shine occurs on polyester and other synthetic fabrics when the fibers melt together during ironing. Prevent this shiny turmoil with a proper prevention plan, and leave the spotlight on those accessories truly destined to shine.

Turn your unlined skirt inside out before ironing. The iron still removes wrinkles from the other side of your skirt while ensuring accidental iron shine remains invisible to you and others.

Fill your iron with water and choose the steam setting. Adding steam to your ironing process makes wrinkle removal easier and helps compensate for a lower heat setting.

Select the polyester fabric setting on your iron before your ironing session. If your iron's settings aren't specifically labeled, the editors at Reader's Digest recommend low to medium heat -- approximately 350 degrees Fahrenheit -- for synthetic fabrics.

Place a cotton cloth or napkin between your skirt and the iron while ironing. The cloth protects delicate skirts from direct heat.

Glide your iron up and down your skirt, following the nap of the fabric. Avoid circular or zig-zag motions.

  • If iron shine occurs, reduce the shine by washing the skirt with just a splash of vinegar.
  • For added security, take your skirt to the dry cleaners or steam it instead.

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