The condition of your sweater can heavily influence the impression you make with your outfit. Whether you pair your sweater with business-professional or casual attire, you'll need to remove any wrinkles and creases that can create a sloppy, haphazard appearance. Always read the garment care tag before ironing or cleaning a sweater -- tags indicate the appropriate ironing temperature and special precautions to consider when removing creases.

Step 1

Plug the iron into an electric outlet and adjust the heat to the appropriate temperature setting for the sweater's fabric. Iron wools, such as cashmere, with it set on a medium to medium-high temperature; cotton on a high heat setting; and synthetics such as acrylic on low heat.

Step 2

Turn the sweater inside-out to minimize the risk of visible damage should there be an accident.

Step 3

Lay the sweater with the sleeves stretched along the length of the ironing board, and then smooth out any bumps and wrinkles with your hands.

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Step 4

Place a slightly damp, white pressing cloth, such as cotton towel, over the first crease you plan to iron.

Step 5

Press the heated iron onto the pressing cloth and hold it still for three to four seconds. Remove the iron and pressing cloth; repeat the process if the crease is still visible.

Step 6

Place the pressing cloth over each crease and repeat Step 5 until the entire garment is free of creases and wrinkles.