How to Feel More Outgoing Around Your Boyfriend's Friends

Stick by your guy's side, but stand out when talking to his group of friends.
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Whether you're hanging at your guy's house or going out with his group, feeling comfortable around his friends is a must. It's unlikely that his friends are leaving his life anytime soon, making it essential that you get to know them. Becoming a wallflower won't help you to feel at home around your boyfriend's friends. Instead, learn how to project confidence and feel more outgoing when you're with his boys.

1 Assertive Behavior

If your boyfriend's buds are constantly talking over you or won't let you get a word in, you need to assert yourself into the conversation. Everyone has an opinion. Assertiveness is a type of behavior in which you confidently speak your mind in a respectful way, according to the article "Assertiveness" on TeensHealth. Believe in yourself, and that your opinions matter, and step into the conversation in an assured way. Instead of shrinking into the background, start using "I" statements to assert your voice. For example, if the group is deciding where to go on a night out, add your opinion and say something such as, "I think that we should go to dinner first."

2 Confidence Builder

If you're struggling to assert yourself and your best efforts are going unnoticed, take some time to build your confidence. Before you get into a group situation, give your self-esteem a boost. Start the confidence-building process by cutting out any negative thinking. Instead of focusing on what you're self-conscious about, consider what makes you special. For example, your better qualities may include quick wit, intelligence or a radiant smile. Don't be overly critical of yourself when it comes to what you say to his friends. Your guy sees something sparkling in you, and so should his friends.

3 Fun Friendships

Spending time with your guy's friends isn't about sitting seriously and quietly contemplating life. Whether you're heading out to a night at the clubs, are going to dinner or are spending the evening in, feel more outgoing by putting the fun back into your self image. Relax and smile, allowing yourself to enjoy the company of your boyfriend's best buds. For example, if you're all going ice skating, strap on your skates instead of sitting on the sidelines.

4 Positive Perception

Feeling more outgoing means projecting a positive persona. A good mood can boost your energy and make you more open in a social situation, suggests life coach Joe Wilner in his article, "How Positive Emotions Impact Life Success," on Psych Central. While you can't always control your mood, you can choose a time when you have a positive attitude to hang out with your guy's friends. For example, if you just failed your Spanish test, stay home and wait until your mood lifts before getting social.

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