How to Install Jelly Bean on an HTC One S

Update your HTC One S to Jelly Bean in five minutes when the OS update becomes available from your carrier.
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Earlier models of the HTC One S were released with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system installed, while Jelly Bean was installed on later models. If you believe your HTC One S is running Ice Cream Sandwich and you want to upgrade to Jelly Bean, first check the version number of your operating system. Apply the Jelly Bean OS update from the Notifications menu if the update is available from your carrier. Check manually for updates anytime from the About menu.

1 Check Version

2 Tap and hold the Status bar

Tap and hold the Status bar, and then pull the bar down to open the Notifications menu on the HTC One S.

3 Tap the gear icon

Tap the gear icon to open the Settings app.

4 Tap the

Tap the “About” tab and check the Version entry. If the OS version number is 4.1.x or above, your phone is already running Jelly Bean. If the OS version number is 4.0.x, Ice Cream Sandwich is installed.

5 Update OS

6 Tap and hold the Status bar-2

Tap and hold the Status bar, and pull the bar down to open the Notifications panel.

7 Tap the notification for the System Update

Tap the notification for the System Update. If no notification entry is listed, tap the gear icon, and then tap “About." Tap “Software Updates,” and then tap “Check Now.” If a software update is available, the Connection Type dialog box opens.

8 Tap the desired connection type

Tap the desired connection type, and then follow the prompts to download and apply the update. The Install Now dialog box opens when the download is complete.

9 Tap Install Now

Tap “Install Now,” and then tap “OK” to install the updated operating system. The HTC One S will reboot and restart. When the phone powers on, the update is complete.

  • Information provided in this article applies to the HTC One S. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other HTC phones.
  • Your device is configured to create an entry in the Notifications menu by default when an operating system update becomes available.

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