How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Ministry

Write a letter of recommendation to confirm that someone is of strong faith.

People often seek to take on greater roles in a church by assuming different positions in its ministry. Whether they want to help lead a church youth ministry or direct the church choir, they can make a great impact on a church and local community by leading a ministry. Those who wish to take on a new position in a church's ministry, however, may need to present a letter of recommendation from a church leader who can attest to their skill and value to the church community. If writing a letter of recommendation for someone to join a ministry, draw from your experience with that person to create the best letter possible.

Introduce yourself in the letter. Include your title, how long you have worked in your current position and how long you have known the person for whom you are writing the letter. Doing so will lend credibility to your recommendation.

Reflect on the position for which the person has applied. If it is a leadership position, you will need to consider what leadership skills you believe the person will bring to the position. If the person wants to work in a smaller capacity, you can also consider what personality traits or ethics he or she will bring to the position as well. Similarly, note that the person has been actively engaged in your church and is in good standing.

Share a personal story in the letter that reflects a positive characteristic about the applicant. You may share how you witnessed the person speak with a youth about problems he was having at school. Alternately, you may share a story of how the applicant has grown spiritually.

Write why you think the person would be a good fit for the particular ministry position. If he or she has characteristics like compassion, a strong knowledge of biblical principles and an ability to connect with others, highlight such personal attributes.

Conclude your letter by offering to answer any further questions.

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