The increase in gun crime over the past decade has left legislatures wondering how best to ban the sale of guns throughout the country. As a gun owner, you should be particularly conscious of who you are buying guns from and who you are selling them to. After all, if a crime is ever committed with a gun that you sell the paper trail may end up pointing to you. In order to avoid this type of situation you should write out a formal "bill of sale" when selling your guns.

Write the date of the sale (the date both you and your buyer will sign the bill of sale) at the top of your sheet of paper.

Write all information pertinent to the type of gun you are selling. List the make of the gun, the model, the serial number and the specifics regarding any modifications or embellishments added to the gun at the time of sale.

Writer a seller's statement. This should be a brief statement explaining that the seller is the current legal owner of the gun and that there are currently no laws that legally prevent him from owning or selling the gun you have listed above.

Have the seller sign and date the agreement directly underneath the seller's statement. Have him include his address (if he will share it) and his driver's license number (this should be mandatory).

Write a buyer's statement directly beneath the seller's statement. This statement should simply state that the buyer is not aware of any legislation (on the local, state, or federal level) that would prohibit him from owning or possessing the firearm you are selling.

Have the buyer sign and date the agreement directly underneath the buyer's statement. He should also include his address (if he will share it) and his driver's license number. Make sure you get the drivers license number. The police can use this to track the buyer if the gun is ever traced to a crime.

Make a copy of the signed statement and make sure both the buyer and seller keep a copy.

Things Needed

  • ['Pen and/or printer', 'Paper', 'Names of both the buyer and seller', 'Addresses of both the buyer and seller', "Driver's license numbers of both the buyer and seller"]


  • Do not sell your gun if the buyer will not sign a bill of sale. Do not let the buyer leave with the gun without including his driver's license number on the bill of sale.


  • Make sure your state and local laws allow you to privately sell a handgun.