How to Sign a Funeral Thank You Note

Handwritten thank you notes help show your sincere gratitude.

Funerals are difficult events, whether it is your loved one who has passed away or you are there to support a friend or family member when he experiences a loss. All of the support you receive when a loved one has passed, from flowers and charitable donations to sympathy cards and casseroles, will warrant a thank you note when life settles back into a routine. Deciding how to close the note to express your gratitude can be a challenge, but writing with sincerity and from the heart will go a long way to inspire you.

Relay a specific about what you are thanking them for. For example, "Thanks again for the beautiful flowers" or "Thanks very much for your support and kind words."

Offer a compliment on her friendship skills or kind nature. For example, "Thanks for being an amazing friend" or "I deeply appreciate your support during this difficult time."

Refrain from ending with "sincerely" or "from" as a closing. These expressions are more appropriate for a business letter or formal thank you note.

Use intimate language such as "warmest regards," "with my sincere thanks" or "kindest regards" as a closing.

Sign your name after the selected closing.

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