How to Write a Thank You Note to a Minister for Funeral Services

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed after the loss of a loved one. You may feel like shutting out the rest of the world. Within a few weeks or a month, you will feel better. At that time, you can sit down and write thank-you notes to the people who helped before, during and after the funeral. In particular, you or a family representative must sit down and compose an appropriate letter to the minister, priest or rabbi who officiated at the funeral.

1 Use good-quality stationery or thank-you cards

Use good-quality stationery or thank-you cards. If you are using pre-printed cards from the funeral home, include a short, handwritten message.

2 Address the letter properly

Address the letter properly. Each denomination uses a different title for their clergy. For example, "Father Anderson," "Pastor Anderson," "Reverend Anderson." If you are uncertain, telephone the church secretary or a parish council member.

3 Write from the heart

Write from the heart and keep the note short and simple. In most cases, two to four sentences is appropriate. Specifically thank the clergyman for his help. He may have visited your loved one regularly throughout her illness, administered the last rites and officiated at the funeral. You may also wish to comment on different aspects of the funeral service. For example, "Thank you for honoring her with a eulogy that tugged at our heartstrings."

4 Thank the clergywoman

Thank the clergywoman for the support she provided you and your family. Some ministers help grieving relatives plan and organize the funeral and burial services. For example, "We will always appreciate your advice and assistance during this difficult time in our family."

5 Sign the message on behalf of the family

Sign the message on behalf of the family. For example, "With warmest regards, The Johnson Family."

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