How to Write Thank You Notes in 1st Grade

Conduct a brainstorming session with your students to help with composing the thank you note.

Writing a thank you note is a way to show someone you appreciate something they did. You can write a thank you note to individuals, organizations and even businesses. They are usually written in a non-formal tone and are more personal when they are handwritten instead of typed. As a first grade teacher, you may want your class to thank parents for donating items to the classroom or you may want to thank a organization or business for allowing you to take a field trip at their facility. Whatever your reasons for wanting your students to write the thank you note, it’s a good idea to take some preliminary steps and not just have your students jump right into writing.

Discuss with your class who you are thanking and what you are thanking them for. Conduct a brainstorming session with your students on reasons why you should thank the person, organization or business you have chosen. Instruct students to raise their hands and give reasons, while you write these reasons on the board.

Write a thank you note template on the board after your brainstorming session. Start your template with “Dear ****, My name is_ ****_* and I am a first grader at * School. Thank you for *____.” End it with “Sincerely,* ____.” The blank lines are for students to insert the name of the person, organization or business they are thanking, their own names and the name of their school. Throughout the note, specifically state what they are thanking them for, using the reasons from the brainstorming session you had earlier with the class.

Give each student a piece of lined paper and instruct them to copy the template in their best handwriting.

Tell them to insert the name of the person they are thanking in the first blank space, and their own name, as well as their school's name in the other blanks.

Fill in the rest of the note with the reasons they are thanking the person.

Have them insert the name of the school in the third blank space.

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