How to Wear Samurai Swords

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A Katana sword is a type of samurai sword that is often worn with a smaller, shorter sword called a Wakizashi. When these swords are worn together, it is referred to as a Daisho. The samurai sword is always worn a particular way to provide the most effective use.

1 Take the obi

Take the obi (sash) and wrap it around your waist. Make sure the obi is long enough to wrap around your waist three times and that there is enough slack left over to tie in the front. The different swords go between the different layers of the obi.

2 Place the Wakizashi against the left hip

Place the Wakizashi against the left hip, underneath all three layers of the obi. The blade edge of the Wakizashi should be facing upward within its sheath.

3 Use you left hand

Use you left hand to open a space between the first two layers of the obi closest to the body.

4 Slide the Katana sword into the opening created

Slide the Katana sword into the opening created. The blade should be placed directly above the Wakizashi already in place. Make sure the blade edge of the Katana is facing upward inside its sheath as well.

5 Adjust the two swords

Adjust the two swords so that the Wakizashi handle is pointing more toward your naval and the Katana handle is pointing straight ahead of you. If there is no Wakizashi, the Katana blade is still worn the same way.