How to Tip for Applebee's Carside to Go

An Applebee's sign in front of a restaurant location
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Applebee's Carside to Go service allows you to place an order online or by phone to your nearest Applebee's restaurant for delivery to your car in the restaurant parking lot. You don't even have to leave your vehicle to receive your food. Since a server isn't waiting on you during a regular restaurant-dining experience, you may be unsure whether to tip the employee handling your food or how much tip to give. The server delivering your food has a hand in preparing your to-go package, so you may wish to tip him an amount similar to your usual restaurant-tip amount, such as 15 percent of the price of the food.

1 Tackling Tip Amounts

A general guideline for tipping a restaurant server is 15 percent of the bill on average -- a little less for poor service, or more for excellent service. The person handling carside service for your Applebee's order most likely packed the food in bags or carriers, added condiments, and ran out to hand you your order, regardless of weather conditions. Tips of at least 10 percent are fair, since the deliverer ensures your food reaches you in an efficient and tidy manner. There's a good chance the carside employee handles multiple orders at once, so the service they're providing is a bit more than just handing you a bag and accepting your payment.

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