Bathroom Attendant Etiquette

A restroom attendant may be an unusual sight, but they ensure restroom users' needs are met.
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When using the facilities in a high-end restaurant, bar or health club, you may encounter a bathroom attendant. This person's job usually includes keeping the bathroom clean and tidy and providing towels. Bathroom attendants may also assist with basic mending and shoe polishing and answer questions. People who do not frequent attended bathrooms may feel uncomfortable about the presence of an attendant or be unsure about tipping.

1 Providing Towels

In many bathrooms, the attendant will hand out towels. Thank the attendant when they give you a towel and tip them at least 50 cents. There may be a small bowl on the counter for this purpose. Even if you are hesitant to tip for such a simple service, it's an expected courtesy in businesses that provide attended bathrooms. Also keep in mind that the bathroom attendant is responsible for the sparkling, sweet-smelling, well-equipped facilities you just had the pleasure of using.

2 Additional Services

If the bathroom attendant helps you with any additional tasks, such as mending a hem or polishing shoes, the customary tip to offer is $2 or $3, advises Peggy Post on the Good Housekeeping website. Don't hesitate to ask the attendant to help you with any questions or problems you might have, provided the problem is not too personal. The business you're patronizing has provided an attendant because it wants to see to that your needs are take care of.

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