How Much Should I Tip a Barber?

Tip the barber for extra services such as a shave.
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While tipping your barber is not required, a tip from 15 to 20 percent of the haircut cost is a fair tip amount. Adjust the tip as you see fit based on quality of service, amount of time spent on the haircut or for extra services such as shampooing or a shave.

1 Barber Tip Basics

While 15 to 20 percent is a general guideline for barber tips, offer a tip of at least $1, as handing out change may seem insulting. If the haircut cost nothing -- for instance, if the barber offers a free cut after every 10 -- tip based on the normal price you pay for the service. If others shampoo your head or give you a shave at the barber shop, tip them at least $2 each. If you feel the barber service is either exceptional or lacking, adjust your tip as you feel necessary. An extra tip may be offered around the winter holidays as a gift; give $5 to $20 or an amount that seems fair to you based on service and how often you visit the barber.

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