Walking at night can be dangerous. It is important to take every precaution possible if it is necessary to walk at night. Follow the safety steps below when walking at night.

How to Walk Safely at Night

Walk with a friend or co-worker if possible. Try to avoid walking alone. If you walk to or from work, try to find someone who walks in the same direction as you and walk together.

Walk on main streets if possible. Walk in lighted areas. Avoid dark unlit areas as much as possible.

Wear reflective or brightly colored clothing. It can be difficult for drivers to see someone walking along the roadside, especially in dark areas. Wearing bright clothing will provide more visibility and can help prevent accidents.

Carry a cell phone. Make sure you have your cell phone at all times when walking so that you can call 911 if the need arises.

Walk on the side of the road opposing traffic, if you must walk in an area where there is no sidewalk.

Carry a flashlight when walking. A flashlight can help provide visibility in dark areas.

Walk directly to the nearest house or business if you feel you are being followed by someone either on foot or by vehicle. Call 911 immediately if you feel you are in danger.

Things Needed

  • ['Flashlight', 'Cell phone', 'Reflective or brightly colored clothing']