How to Make a Tithing & Offering Sheet for Church Members

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Church members must be able to calculate and track the tithings and offerings that are given to the church. This not only helps a member contribute his goal amount, but the church can also analyze how much their congregation is giving. Additionally, the member can intentionally give the desired amount each week or month knowing he is meeting his tithing goal, not simply putting random amounts of money into the offering basket.

1 Decide the percentage

Decide the percentage of your income that you'd like to donate each month to your church. Technically, tithing is one-tenth of something, or 10% of your income. Decide if you'd like to give more or less than 10%.

Using Excel instead of a paper ledger ensures accurate calculation of your givings.

2 Open Microsoft Excel

Open Microsoft Excel on your computer and save the document as "Tithe Tracker," or something similar. Use one spreadsheet and create different sheets, tabs at the bottom, for each year.

3 Input the January in Column A

Input the "January" in Column A, starting on Row 2. Click and drag the little box in the lower righthand corner (a black plus sign appears) down the column and it will fill in the months for you. You do not have to manually enter them.

4 Input Goal'' onto Row 1

Input "Goal" onto Row 1, Column B. Enter the amount you'd like to give monthly. Figure the number out by hand or input the following formula, not including the quotation marks: "=SUM(.10*5000)" The .10 is a standard 10 percent tithe and the $5,000 represents a person's monthly income. Again, drag the formula down the entire column. If your income changes monthly, then do not predetermine your tithe amount at the beginning of each month.

5 Input Actual'' into Column C

Input "Actual" into Column C, Row 1. This number will be manually input each month to reflect how much you actually gave that month. If you give weekly, simply create the formula, not including quotation marks: "=SUM(A+B+C+D)" where ABCD equal the amount that you gave to the church each week. The formula will add the values for you.

Input "Total Tithed" into Column A, Row 15. Input the following formula into Column B, Row 15: "=SUM(B2:B13)" and Column C, Row 15: "=SUM(C2:C13" to add the goal for tithing and the actual amount tithed. This formula is linked to the columns and will change as different inputs are made to the "Goal" and "Actual" columns.