Need cash in a hurry? Learn quick and easy money spells to multiply your coins into cash fast.

Remember this old saying: "If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider stay alive." Draw a picture of a golden spider hidden in its palatial web using gold ink on red paper. Place the picture in a saucer and place it in a corner. Make an invocation, place several coins into the saucer and tell the spider what you need. Once a week or as often as the spider fulfills your needs, toss a couple more coins in the saucer.

Keep a small picture of a frog in your wallet to stimulate wealth. Either choose a small Japanese wallet frog charm that is flat to live in your wallet or choose a paper version as in a picture or your own drawing on green paper. Whichever option you choose, charge the frog with your desires and carry it as close to your cash as possible.

Carve and dress a green candle to convey your desires. Put the candle on a saucer or dish and place coins around the candle. Light the candle the candle and chant the following: Money grow, money flow Candle burn, earn and earn Money grow, money flow Flame shine, what I need is mine

Keep a list of the following wealth-attracting botanicals handy: alfalfa, avocado, basil, cabbage, chamomile, chervil, clover, coriander, dill, five-finger grass, lettuce, mint, nasturtium, oak moss, parsley, poppies and vervain. Grow them in your garden, use them in your cooking, dry and burn them, dry and use in tea-bags, crumble them into bath water, or carry on you.

Grasp a green candle with both hands and charge it with your desires. Anoint the candle wick with oil. Hollow out the bottom of the candle and stuff it with some of the money botanicals mentioned in the step above, and then burn it.

In the case that you need an exact amount of money, write that amount on a piece of paper. Drip a little basil oil on the paper, and then fold it in half twice and bury it in a flowerpot full of crossroads dirt. Plant a money-attracting plant in the pot, such as marigolds, basil, thyme, or cactus.

To always have a least a little money on hand, burn onion peelings on the stove. Alternatively, you could also burn garlic skins to keep money in the house. Do both for extra reinforcement.

Visualize what you need and then verbalize this loudly and clearly. Make nine knots in a green ribbon or thread, repeating your needs once for each knot. Keep the ribbon and several coins and/or money botanicals in a safe place.