All the money you will ever need.

This is a candle burning ritual that will bring you money when you really need it. It will not bring money to those who just want money for the sake of having money.

This is a simple yet effective ritual that you can do at home, with just a few easily obtainable items.

The ritual must be done exactly as it is written.

Your money.

Light Incense.

Sit for a few minutes and meditate. Get clear on why you need the money and what you want to accomplish by having it.

Brought to you by

Brought to you by

Visualize having the money already

The candles have to be lit in this precise order for it to work.

Bills paid.

Light the gold candle.

Think very hard about this candle attracting money to you.

Hold the candle up in front of your chest and say "This candle represents attraction and it burns for (your name).

Feel it. Know it.

No worries.

Thinking hard on money as you light the green candle and holding it up say "This candle represents the money (your name) desires. It is as much as I need. No more and no less."

Thinking and feeling the knowing that you have money light the red candle and say "This candle represents the power and the commend to bring this money to(your name)".

Pause a minute to reflect, looking into the lit candles say "This money now is mine. I have it, I hold it, I have received it. (Your Name) gives praises to the Universe. Ever it is done.

It is done,

Sit now for about five minutes and let the candles and incense burn while you meditate.

Blow the candles out in the reverse order that you lit them. Do not pinch them off with your fingers.