How to Obtain a Familiar

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Familiars have a long history, particularly in relation to British witchcraft. Animal companions or spirits are frequently mentioned in accounts of witch trials in Britain. Cats are the most common familiars, but although most familiars are pets, not all pets are familiars. If you are looking for the human-animal connection that comes from having a familiar of your own, these tips may help you find and recognize your familiar.

1 Open yourself

Open yourself to the idea and concept of a familiar. Your familiar may already share your home if you have a pet with whom you have always had a special or spiritual connection.

2 Create a sacred space outdoors

Create a sacred space outdoors. Cast a circle if that is common in your tradition, or opt for a favored and comforting place. Do whatever is necessary to feel comfortable with meditation, prayer and spellwork in the space.

3 And place your request

Meditate and place your request for a familiar animal into nature's grasp. Visualize your home, garden or living space so the animal knows where you will be and can find its way to you.

4 Strengthen the bond or connection

Strengthen the bond or connection you have with your familiar animal once you have found it. Each night of the waxing moon, sit with the animal, facing the horizon. Pet and stroke the animal until it relaxes. Synchronize your breathing with your familiar's breathing or, in the case of a cat, its purr. When the moon is full, the two of you will have bonded mentally and spiritually.

5 Care for and love your familiar

Care for and love your familiar. The bond between a human and her familiar is stronger than that between an owner and a pet. Cats are often welcome in sacred spaces and may come and go from sacred circles without disruption. Allow other Wiccan familiar animals to find their own comfort with sacred spaces, and pay attention to your familiar's behavior for signs of discontent, discomfort or disruption.

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