How to Display Fu Dogs

Fu dogs can be placed outside a window.

Fu dogs, also known as foo dogs, guardian lions, lion dogs or temple lions, are statues placed outside a building for protection. Traditionally, fu dogs are associated with Buddhism and thought to disperse evil and defend the law. The Feng Shui Tips website explains that fu dogs are found outside many homes and offices in Asia for these reasons. Fu dogs may be carved from jade, marble, granite or other type of stone. However, if you have a pair of fu dogs it is crucial they are displayed in the correct order and position.

Identify the female and male fu dog. Fu dogs are displayed in a pair, and placed in a specific order and direction. The female fu dog is carved with a small cub under her right paw. The male has an globe under his left paw. Make sure you know which is which by looking for these characteristics.

Locate a space outside a door or window big enough for your fu dogs. One is displayed on each side of this entrance, so check there is space on each side. You might need to remove plant pots or cut back a tree to create space.

Place the male fu dog to the left of the door or window. Make sure that it is elevated off the ground; either on the top step or on a wall.

Position the female fu dog to the right-hand side of the door or window. It should be at the same height or elevation as the male fu dog.

Turn the fu dogs so that they are facing outward, away from the building. Check they are facing the same direction. They protect the building from harm, whether this is bad energy, burglars or evil spirits. The fu dogs will not be able to do their duty if they are facing toward the building.

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