Choir rules keep everyone working toward a good performance.

Church choir rehearsal rules provide a much needed foundation for a productive rehearsal which will result in an amazing, God-glorifying performance. Many times people shy away from strict or formal rules for a church choir rehearsal, feeling afraid to step on anyone's toes. However, while choir provides a social outlet, it's also critical to get practice in prior to the service. Create and communicate church choir rehearsal rules to better organize your singers.

Check in with clergy and staff regarding any rules they may suggest or need followed. For example, clergy may require rehearsals to start or end at a specific time or be held on a specific day to avoid conflicts with other church activities.

Choose rules appropriate for your choir and address problem areas. Common rules cover attendance requirements and whether you can sing in church if you haven't been to rehearsal; punctuality and whether rehearsal starts with social time and the amount of preparation a singer should complete prior to coming to rehearsal, if any. Also cover the dress code, dispersal of music and whether children may attend rehearsal.

Provide the rules to every member of the choir. Keep extra copies for new members and post a copy of the rules on a nearby bulletin board.


  • Do not implement "no talking" rules if the purpose of choir for many is fellowship.