What Is Wrong if the Sound on My iPhone Isn't Very Loud?

Something as simple as the wrong case can temporarily mute your iPhone.
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Listening to music and watching videos on your iPhone can be much more enjoyable when the volume is cranked up. If your phone seems muted or just not as loud as it usually is, the problem is often minor and easy to fix.

1 Volume Control

If your iPhone doesn't seem very loud, the first thing to do is check the volume control. If you're in an application or on a phone call, use the volume control buttons on the exterior of your phone to increase the volume. If you're listening to music or watching a movie, check to make sure the volume control slider is slid all the way to the right.

2 Dirty Speakers

Dirt, dust and even food can get trapped in your iPhone speakers and affect its volume. If a visual inspection shows that your speakers need to be cleaned, brush each speaker with a dry, firm-bristled brush. Never use water or cleaners, which can get inside the speakers and negatively affect their performance.

3 Phone Case

Make sure you're using a phone case that is both compatible with your phone model and doesn't block its speakers. One way to determine if your case is causing the problem is to test the volume with the case on, and then again with the case off.

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