How to Make a College Pennant

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College pennants are a symbol of team pride and spirit. As decorations, pennants can be hung in a dorm room, office space or even in the car. Many campuses sell collectible pennants that can be purchased directly from the institution or from authorized dealers. However, with a few craft supplies, you can make your own custom pennants at home to keep or to give away as gifts.

1 Fold

Fold in half the wool-blend felt in the primary color so that it becomes a 5- by 20-inch rectangle. Carefully match up the edges so that the finished product is a symmetrical pennant.

2 Start

Start at one corner of the felt rectangle and cut diagonally across using a pair of craft scissors. If you do not have a steady hand, first draw a straight line in pencil and then follow that with the scissors.

3 Unfold the remaining

Unfold the remaining felt so that the triangle lays flat. Either discard the scrap felt or recycle it for use on another project.

4 Cut out big block letters

Cut out big block letters from the accent felt and then glue them to the primary triangle. You can personalize the pennant to represent a particular college, team or player.

5 Arrange iron on letters

Arrange iron-on letters onto the triangle pennant to include a slogan or mascot's name. Be sure to adjust the iron's settings so that it will not burn the pennant or letters.

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