Split, chipped or ripped fingernails from an untimely snag on a sharp surface don't have to destroy your nail's appearance until they grow out or annoy you with further snagging. There's no need to trim those long, lovely nails short, either -- some rips occur too far below the quick to cut without hurting yourself. Let the rip grow out while keeping your fingernails as long as you like by temporarily fixing the damage.

Step 1

Place a drop of nail glue onto a toothpick. Slide the toothpick beneath the ripped part of the nail and coat the underside with the glue.

Step 2

Squeeze the ripped part of the nail against the main nail until the glue dries.

Step 3

File down the top of the nail with a nail file until the damage is smooth.

Step 4

Add a drop of glue over the repair to reinforce it. Sprinkle filler powder on top of the glue while still wet, then let it dry.

Step 5

Add another coat of glue atop the first coat. Let the glue settle smoothly over the nail.

Step 6

Buff the nail with a nail buffer when the glue is completely dry. Cover the repair with nail polish to finish.