How to Learn Hypnosis in 2 Minutes

Hypnosis is not a crazy art that only magicians can accomplish. People can naturally put themselves into a hypnotic state in which the body completely relaxes and the mind is difficult to disturb. People might use hypnosis to break bad habits like overeating and smoking. Or they might use it to entertain people. You can learn this art in as little as two minutes, though actually hypnotizing someone can take longer.

Find a smooth talking voice. This won't be your regular speaking voice but rather a tone you would use with a sleepy child. The more relaxing your voice, the faster you can hypnotize someone.

Have your subject take a deep breath, and slowly let it out. While he exhales, have him close his eyes. Then, starting with the top of his body, talk him through relaxing each part. For example, you can say, "Feel your shoulders. Relax your shoulders and feel them become heavier and heavier. They are loose. There is no tension in your shoulders."

Praise your subject in a soothing voice at every step. Hypnosis can be scary for people who don't know what to expect. Let them know everything is OK and they are doing everything right; it will help them relax.

Continue with the first three steps until you know he is hypnotized. You might have to relax body parts several times, but most people take about 10 minutes to enter a hypnotic state. Signs of hypnosis include: loose, droopy muscles; slightly twitching arms or legs; changes in breathing; or eyelids that flutter.

Make suggestions when he is hypnotized. The suggestions can be serious or humorous. When you are ready to release him from the hypnotic state, simply say, "When I count to five, you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and alive. One, two, three, four, five."