How to Join the Black Panthers


The desire to change the fate and condition of African Americans is one of the driving forces of the Black Panther Party. For those who share the goals and beliefs of the Black Panthers, joining this politically and historically driven organization is an honor.

1 Share the beliefs and goals

Share the beliefs and goals of the Black Panther Party. In order to fully devote yourself to this cause you should truly believe, holistically, what the organization stands for.

2 Visit the New Black Panther Party

Visit the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) website.

3 Read

Read through the “10 Point Platform” thoroughly. This material explains what the New Black Panthers want and what they believe in. The reading includes 10 major beliefs and practices on which the original organization was founded, as well as the new direction the Black Panthers are taking.

4 Read the Nine Local Objectives

Read the “Nine Local Objectives" which proclaims the nine objectives and goals of the New Black Panther Party and what the group is striving to develop and achieve.

5 Understand you

Understand what you have read in the two readings. A superficial perception of the Black Panther Party is not enough. In order to proceed to the next step, you must completely agree with the group's practices, customs, beliefs, rules and goals. You must agree, and understand, the party’s by-laws and requirements before proceeding with the physical application.

6 Complete the New Black Panther Party application

Complete the New Black Panther Party application. After reading and understanding the material provided on the website, you must either fill out an application form and mail it or complete the web version of the application, both of which are provided on the website.

7 Become eligible for an interview

Become eligible for an interview. You may be asked to complete an interview process. Upon completion of the interview process, the leaders of the party will determine your eligibility. Be advised that undergoing an interview does not mean that you have been accepted into the organization.

8 Use the study guide provided on the website

Use the study guide provided on the website. The guide is filled with a hefty list of reading material and study aids associated with the goals and history of Africa, African Americans and the Black Panther Party.

9 Pay a 25 new member fee upon acceptance

Pay a $25 new member fee upon acceptance into the New Black Panther Party.

Tierra Filhiol is a social entrepreneur working to increase the number of women building and running high-growth, high-impact companies. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and participated in the Program in Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan. Filhiol is working on her startup AskLLab, a platform and initiative for gen-y, entrepreneurial women. She is also a board member for the Detroit Young Professionals.