Beliefs of the Green Party

Green candidates stand for election across the United States.
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The Green Party of the United States is an amalgamation of state Green Parties and was formed in 2001. Green Party beliefs include commitments on environmental issues and protection of the environment, non-violence and issues of social justice. There are no central beliefs or statements for the Green Party either worldwide or within the United States as all organizations operate independently.

1 The Greens/Green Party USA

The Greens/Green Party USA is the oldest Green organization in America and has been operational since 1984, when it was known as the Green Committees of Correspondence. The party issued the Green Ten Key Values that have been accepted by most Green organizations operating in the States. The Ten Key Values include statements on grassroots democracy, ecological wisdom, social justice and equality, respect for diversity and decentralization.

2 Green Party Beliefs

The Ten Key Values of the Green Party set out its key beliefs and future political thrust. In essence, the party is committed to increased public participation at all levels of government, the development of communities, operating with justice and democratically, and a healthy environment, not only for the United States, but worldwide. Green Party beliefs on the environment are that mankind is part of nature and not separate from it, so sustainable, energy-efficient communities should be encouraged and should not make excessive use of natural resources.

3 Four Pillars of the Green Party

The Four Pillars of the worldwide Green Party were first documented in Germany in 1979-80. The Four Pillars define the Green Party as a political movement that takes its philosophy from four different social movements: the environmental movement, the civil rights movement, the peace movement and the labor movement. These Four Pillars were incorporated into the Green Ten Key Values when they were adopted in 1984.

4 Green Party Platform 2012

The Green Party of the United States adopted its latest party platform in July 2012, listing a number of key actions on democracy, social justice, ecological sustainability and economic justice. Important issues raised include electoral and media reforms, independence for Puerto Rico, statements on climate change and policies on national and world politics.

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