How to Hold a Baby Contest

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Help parents show off their little ones by hosting a baby contest. Baby contests are a standard tradition at fairs and festivals, and often include children that have passed the baby age until age five. When planning a baby contest, work the details out prior to announcing the contest so you are prepared to answer questions, and post details to gain as much exposure as possible. Once the contest is complete, choose an award for the winner that will benefit the child, such as diapers, age-appropriate toys or a college savings bond.

1 Decide of baby contest

Decide what type of baby contest you will be holding. Most baby contests are "beautiful baby" contests, but other options include best smile, cutest personality and best sleeping picture. The contest can also be segregated into different ages and award prizes to boys and girls.

2 Need for the baby contest

Reserve the space you will need for the baby contest. Spaces that are common to hold a baby contest include carnivals, local fairs, parks or schools.

3 Determine the entry fee of the contest

Determine the entry fee of the contest, the photo sizes that will be accepted, what prizes will be awarded, how many prizes will be awarded and how many contestants you will accept. You will also need to choose a starting and ending time for the event.

4 Announce the event to the public

Announce the event to the public through flyers, mailers and social media. If you are coordinating the event to coincide with another event, such as a local fair, then have the fair committee list the baby contest on the website or flyer for the fair. Make sure that the announcement lists the due date for photo entries.

5 Set up a booth on the day of the contest

Set up a booth on the day of the contest. Each photo will need to be attached to a bowl or container large enough to accommodate the photo and change to use for voting. Place numbers or names on the container so voters can identify the different babies.

6 Hang a sign

Hang a sign on the front of the booth using tape or string. The sign should announce the baby contest, the times open for voting and the procedure to vote. The procedure to vote could be one cent equals one vote. For example, one penny would count as one vote for the baby, while a quarter would count as 25 votes for the baby.

7 Count the votes

Count the votes once the contest ends and announce the winner. If there is a stage available, call the winner on stage and award the baby or its mother or father the prize.

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