Donate free samples to help a charity or others in need by learning how to get them, what types of samples you can receive and how to find them.

Sign up and register for all of the free samples and giveaway items that you can if you would like to help a charity like a homeless shelter, women's shelter or just would like to help others in need at this rough economic time. Do a search online for free samples and you will find many places that will allow you to register and sign up just by filling out their forms.

Sign up at Walmarts online for their free samples. These may include hand soap, lotion, deodorant, tampon, kotex, depends, perfumes or any type of item is possible. The items are changed regularly and offered on their website. You may not receive but a small amount in the sample packs, but keep these in a box and they will soon add up to a nice donation for your favorite charity or family in need.

Sign up for free baby samples at baby web sites. They will send free formula, diapers and valuable coupons for things a new baby can use. Even if you do not have a baby, there is someone that can use the free samples. I just received two free large cans of formula and seventeen dollars worth or coupons for more formula. I handed these right to a young mother with a newborn child that was already working on her last can of formula!

Visit hair care web sites and sign up for their free samples of shampoo and conditioners. Women at homeless shelters can use these items and there are families right now that are going without the basic household supplies that will appreciate the donations also. Even those tampon and kotex are needed by some people.

Visit seniors web sites and sign up for the free depends briefs, the latest waterproof item that is being offered for sale and the coupons for items that seniors need. I order these and give them to my elderly neighbor who is very happy to receive them since she lives on a fixed low income.


  • Keep looking online for free items and samples on a regular basis. The offers are changed regularly on most web sites. Look on vitamin and health web sites for free vitamins and supplements.