Some address labels from VistaPrint

We've all gotten those advertisements for pretty checks and address labels, but some people might not know that there are ways to get great address labels for free.

Choose a charity. Many of them give out address labels. You can get children's drawings from March of Dimes, flags from Veterans Associations, and animals from the Wildlife Association, etc.

Write to that charity. It is better if you send them a check, both for their cause and your own peace of mind.


Wait. You will soon have more address labels than you know what to do with from this and other charities.



  • Subscribe to magazines to get a similar influx of labels. Some will sell your information, and others will not. Send a check to a cause you support from time to time. They will appreciate it, and you will feel good.


  • Don't toss all unsolicited mail. Those from charities often contain labels or other incentives to encourage you to send money.