Find Free Summer Programs for Kids

With the summer months quickly approaching parents can find themselves worried about what their children are going to do during the time off from school. I have a couple of great ideas to keep your children busy during summer break and how to find free summer programs.

You should start to look for summer activities and free programs for kids as soon as possible to secure a spot for your child during the summer break. So once the Spring time has arrived get on the look out for flyers also local community organizations like the YMCA, be sure to ask your child's school as well they might have free summer programs so call and ask the school if hey have summer programs.

In some neighborhoods they do not advertise the free summer programs so you really have to keep your eyes and ears opened and also word of mouth from friends and neighbors to see where they send their children.

Go to local parks because they might have signs posted on the park gates and also you can find that parks also advertise the free summer programs by their bathrooms or by their supply house or shed.

Also local golf courses do offer free summer classes and possibly lessons for your child. The same with local tennis courts they have free summer programs. Community pools will have free swimming lessons as well for your children during summer months.


  • Their are a ton of free summer programs out their for your kids the thing is to keep your eyes and ears opened


  • If putting your child in any summer program make sure that they are licensed and they are trained in CPR