Daisy Petals - Purple

Earning the Daisy Girl Scouts Petals is a very rewarding experience for both the girls and the leaders! Daisy Girl Scouts are in Kindergarten and First Grade and are just getting started in their Girl Scout career. To earn this petal you can refer to the Girl Scout Handbook and also implement one of these ideas.

The purple Daisy petal is the part of the Girl Scout law that means to "Respect Myself And Others." This is a very important lesson for girls to learn.

Read to your troop the book "I'm Gonna Like Me" by Jamie Lee Curtis. I love this book! This is a great book about self-esteem teaching girls to like themselves despite differences.

Do a craft with the girls and make "girls are great" mirrors. Cut foam into a daisy shape, then cut a hole in the middle - this will be the frame for the mirror. Glue the mirror to a solid piece of foam then glue the foam frame around it. Glue a magnet on the back side. Glue word bubbles around the frame with sayings like "I'm a nice person," "I'm a good friend," "I have pretty eyes" etc. Every time the girl looks into to mirror she'll have reminder thoughts of self-respect.

Things Needed

  • ['foam paper', 'mirrors', 'paper', 'glue', 'magnets']


  • Have fun earning petals Ask troop leaders of older troops to get more ideas Network with parents to get ideas