How to Decorate for Hispanic Heritage Month

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National Hispanic Heritage Month takes place between September 15th and October 15th. The month involves celebrating the heritage of the Hispanic people and often involves enjoying Hispanic artwork, food and costumes. Some people decorate their home, office or school to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and help it come to life. Decorations range from traditional artwork to silly Mariachi figurines and should match the style of your home or office.

1 Remove any previous decorations

Remove any previous decorations from the walls and counters of your business or home.

2 Hang flags of different Hispanic nations

Hang flags of different Hispanic nations, such Spain, Mexico and Portugal. Hang real flags on the walls or tape paper flags to any surface. You may wish to use miniature flags and tape them to the wall or stick them in potted plants.

3 Create or purchase table decorations

Create or purchase table decorations such as placemats, figurines and bowls. Place these items on a table, mantle, desk or countertop to provide extra decoration. You may wish to use a hand-dyed straw placemat that utilizes the colors of the Mexican flag or figurines of Jesus Christ on your mantle.

4 Hang prints of art

Hang prints of art by famous Hispanic artists on the walls of your home or office. You may wish to hang portraits of famous Hispanic individuals, such as Che Guevara, on the walls as well.

Place replicas of traditional crafts -- such as hand-woven baskets, piñatas or Spanish pottery -- on the floor or table. These items give your home or business an artistic feel.

Display traditional Hispanic costumes and clothing, such as sombreros and Mariachi outfits. Place them on walls or drape them over a piece of furniture. You may wish to wear traditional clothing to decorate your body instead of your home or office.

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