Microsoft Publisher Won't Print Text Boxes

Publisher enables you to add solid or decorative borders to text boxes.
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Even though you can see the sides of text boxes you insert onto a Microsoft Publisher page, those outlines will not appear on printed publications unless you add borders to the text boxes. In addition, text box borders may not print if other objects are on top of them. You can make sure the text boxes have borders as needed or all the time by default, add a patterned or custom border, or change the order of objects so your text boxes appear when you print publications.

1 Add a Basic Border

There are two ways to add a basic line border to an existing text box. You can right-click the text box and select "Format Text Box." On the Colors and Lines tab of the dialog box, select an option in the Fill Color drop-down and click "OK." Alternatively, click the text box to select it and then click on the "Format" tab under Drawing Tools. Click the "Shape Outline" drop-down in the Shape Styles group and choose a line color.

2 Add a Decorative Border

To add a more elaborate border around a text box, right-click it and select "Format Text Box." Click the "Border Art" button in the Line section on the Colors and Lines tab. Choose an option in the Available Borders list and click "OK." You can also create a custom border using an image saved on your computer or a Microsoft clip art image. Click the "Create Custom" at the bottom of the Available Borders list. Select "Use Clip Organizer" and click "Select Picture" for clip art or just click "Select Picture" to use your own image.

3 Set Text Box Defaults

If you want the same border applied to every text box you create in Publisher, you can modify the text box default settings. To do so, right-click the text box and select "Format Text Box." Select an option in the Fill Color drop-down on the Colors and Lines tab of the dialog box and click "OK" or add a decorative border by clicking "Border Art" and selecting an option. Before clicking "OK" to apply the border, select the "Apply Settings to New Text Boxes" check box to save the setting as your new default.

4 Bring Text Boxes Forward

If another text box, a picture or any other object is in front of the text box, it may cover all or part of the border and prevent it from appearing when you print the publication. You can resolve this by bringing the text box to the front of the publication. Click on the text box to select it and then click the "Format" tab under Drawing Tools. In the Arrange group, click the drop-down arrow next to "Bring Forward" and choose "Bring to Front." The text box will move to the front of all objects.

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