Use vMPF to complete DD Form 214

Service members of the United States Air Force can use their computers to complete many documents and requests, including DD Form 214, that would have otherwise required visiting their Military Personnel Section manager. The program is called Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF).

Accessing DD Form 214 Through vMPF

Active duty members preparing for retirement or separation will receive an email from the Air Force Personnel Center notifying the member to review his DD Form 214 worksheet. The member will then sign in to the Air Force website using his CAC.

Once logged into the Air Force website, the member will select the “Virtual Military Personnel Flight” link listed under the “Featured Links” tab to the right of the screen. The member will then be directed to a page where she must verify her duty email address and phone number along with her home email address and phone number.

The member will see at the top left of the screen a “Message Center” where he will find his DD Form 214 worksheet. The member will need to review the worksheet for accuracy and submit it to the Air Force Personnel Center.

Corrections to DD Form 214 Using vMPF

Once the member has accessed her DD Form 214 worksheet on vMPF and determines that corrections need to be made to information such as training certifications, decoration orders or promotion orders, the member will need to provide source information to her local Military Personnel Section. To locate those documents, the member will click on the “Self Service Actions” tab located to the left of the screen on the vMPF logged in home site.

The member will select from the following tabs to locate the necessary documents: Assignments, Personal Data, Promotions. If documents are still missing, the member will click on the “Correction of Military Record” tab and follow the instructions.

Once all documentation is provided to the Military Personnel Section, the DD Form 214 worksheet will be corrected, and the member can submit it using the vMPF website.


  • If errors occur on the official DD Form 214 after the separation effective date, the member will need to submit a DD Form 149. The member will not have access to vMPF, but may contact the Total Force Service Center for submission and processing instructions.


  • The vMPF website is a restricted access website. If the member is already separated or retired, he does not have access to vMPF and will need to contact the Total Force Service Center at (800) 525-0102.