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Sailors can save leave time and use it for terminal leave.

Terminal leave is the use of remaining leave by a retiring or separating Navy service member immediately prior to her retirement or separation date. Sailors earn 30 days of leave time -- permission to be away from their units -- per year. A sailor can accrue leave time and use it at the end of his service as a means of early separation. During this time of terminal leave, the sailor continues to draw a regular paycheck.

Find your Leave and Earnings Statement

Find your Leave and Earnings Statement, the document you receive every month that lists your earnings and leave time.

Locate the box marked ETS Bal

Locate the box marked "ETS Bal," which indicates the amount of leave days you are expected to accrue through the Expiration Term of Service.

Equate the number

Equate the number of days in the "ETS Bal" section to the amount of time you can take as terminal leave.


  • Any military unit's administrative staff can help the sailor calculate his terminal leave or answer any questions regarding its use.


  • All Navy personnel are subject to having their leave terminated if needed by their unit until they are officially separated from military service. Terminal leave does not constitute official separation.

    Sailors earn 2.5 days of leave for each month of military service. A sailor can accrue to 60 days of leave over a two-year period, but forfeits excess leave in excess of 60 days on the first day of the fiscal year, October 1.

    The Navy expects a sailor to complete all out-processing by the beginning date of terminal leave.