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Civilian federal employment is a natural transition for men and women leaving military service. Time spent in the military counts toward annual leave and retirement in the federal government as long as certain provisions are met.

Annual Leave

Non-retired, uniformed, service members receive full credit for time served when it comes to annual leave. Any federal employees that enter military service, then return to federal employment, also keep all annual leave they earned. Retired service members receive annual leave credit for time served during a war or conflict.


Credit toward retirement for time served is also afforded non-retired, service members as long as they deposit at least 3 percent of their military base pay. Retired service members can either receive their military retirement pay or receive credit for time served. Disabled veterans can receive their retirement pay and credit for time served.

Other Considerations

In addition to being able to carry over time served in the military, veterans also receive preference in applying for federal jobs.