Is There a Way to Check the Status of a Reenlistment Bonus?

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A reenlistment bonus is given to military service members who are willing to reenlist for future tours of duty. The size of the enlistment bonus depends on how far into your current tour of duty you are at the time of reenlistment as well as which branch you currently serve. Once you have signed your reenlistment papers, your NCO should submit the paperwork and your bonus should come through in a reasonable period of time.

1 Consult your enlistment paperwork

Consult your enlistment paperwork. Confirm that all paperwork is completed fully and accurately. Make sure it has been turned in to the appropriate person.

2 Check your calendar

Check your calendar. Traditionally, allow for five days for processing of the bonus and up to another thirty days for the funds to be dispersed.

3 Contact your NCO

Contact your NCO if you have submitted your paperwork correctly and you have allowed enough time for the funds to be dispersed.