How to Build Your Own Prayer Closet

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A prayer closet is a quiet, enclosed space to which you may retreat for meditation and prayer. They are used by people of all faiths, and you can very easily build a closet for yourself. You can make a full-sized, walk-in room for your Prayer Closet, or a smaller, lockerlike version within a bedroom or another room. Depending on the level of detail, your closet can be as elaborate or as barren as you decide. There are a few basics that belong in most prayer closets, but the rest is up to your imagination and taste.

1 How to Make a Full-Sized Prayer Closet

2 Find a room

Find a room or walk-in closet that is decently sized. You should be able to sit, kneel, or lay comfortably in it during prayer or meditation. It should also be ventilated and have a light source for convenience.

3 Find a piece

Find a piece of furniture such as a table or a desk that can act as an altar. If you plan on doing scripture study, you may want to consider using a chair and a possible shelf on the wall in which to keep your journal, holy book, and any other necessary supplies.

4 Use any statues

Use any statues, altar items, or other holy pictures that you may have to decorate your space. You may wish to consider using clothes to cover your altar, tapestries, candles, incense, offering bowls, or anything else that you feel you need.

5 How to Make a Miniature Prayer Closet

6 Find or build a suitable-sized cabinet

Find or build a suitable-sized cabinet that you feel is adequate for housing your holy pictures. Hang or place this against the wall in an area where you can safely open it and spend time looking into it in undisturbed prayer or meditation. If you have relatives or roommates, you may want to consider a cabinet that locks.

7 Install a shelf in the cabinet a reasonable height

Install a shelf in the cabinet a reasonable height from the bottom. You’ll want to put a small shelf underneath it for storing your holy book or notebooks.

8 Use the top part

Use the top part of the shelf to create an altar. Use statues, pictures, or other sacred items to add to the atmosphere of your sacred space.

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