How to Make Models for School Projects

Many science fair and school projects involve creating a model showing your project's subject. Examples are a miniature version of the solar system or showing what the inside of an atom would look like if it were cut open. With a few craft supplies, you can create any model for a school project. Here's what you'll need and the best way to assemble a model for a strong hold.

Create a rough sketch of everything for inclusions in the model. For a model solar system, you'll need the sun and all the planets. A detailed model may need one or more moons and perhaps some stars to show scale.

Decide on your project's scale. Make the model's largest piece first so you can determine if it's too big. Alter the size until you find a size that fits and base the rest of the model are this large piece. That means if in real life an item is twice as big as the first time, the two items should keep this relationship in the model.

Create the model using common craft supplies and household items. Styrofoam shapes work well for creating models. They can be cut to size and painted or decorated as desired.

Use glue, pipe cleaners, toothpicks or other materials in househild to hold the model's pieces together. Decorate the model, making sure the colors are as accurate to real life as possible. Acrylic or spray paint works best because they are less likely or run or fade. Use wood glue to hold heavy pieces, such as blocks of wood, together.

Label the model's parts or draw a diagram with labeled parts. Color the diagram with colors corresponding to the model. Create the diagram on the computer and print it with a color printer for best results.