How to Be a Type B Personality

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A Type B personality is associated with laid-back behavior, in contrast with a Type A personality, which is considered hyper-organized. You might want to change some of your habits to reflect a Type B personality if you are trying to become more relaxed or fit in with acquaintances who have a more laid-back approach to life. By giving up control of some things and accepting that you cannot keep everything in life organized, you can be more relaxed and stress-free.

1 Alter one habit

Alter one habit in your day-to-day routine to make you gradually become more open to change. If you have a hard time with this, start small, so the change can be as subtle as changing the wrist you wear your watch on.

2 Put yourself

Put yourself in situations you may not normally find yourself in. If you are usually a project leader at work or school, volunteer to take a side role and let someone else be in charge. If you always drive when you and your friends go out, let someone else take the wheel.

3 Let someone else plan

Let someone else plan an event that you are attending. If there is a party or dinner coming up, let relatives or friends plan it, and be content to show up as strictly a guest.

4 Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks if you are working on a project. A Type A personality tends to work straight up to a deadline, but a Type B personality will stop to rest, have a snack or get some fresh air.

5 Take a moment

Take a moment to enjoy and reflect on personal achievements. Type A personalities will often focus more on the work leading up to an achievement and not take the time to appreciate reaching their goal once a job is finished.

6 Take failure in stride

Take failure in stride. Type A personalities will sometimes become stressed out about even minor setbacks. To be more like a Type B personality, try to move forward from a failure or mistake without being too self-critical.