Fun Things to Keep You Busy After a Breakup

Re-kindle relationships with friends after a breakup.
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Navigating the world after a breakup can be extremely and quite understandably tough. The trick is taking the time to invest back into you, to fully heal for the next round. Remember, you are in control of your life. Whether you stood your ground and broke up with someone who wasn't good for you or you were on the other end of the breakup, it's important to occupy yourself during the healing process.

1 Sweat It Out

If you are looking for a sure fire way to help boost your mood, working out is the way to go, asserts author and communications professor Preston Ni. Nothing helps to relieve stress more than a good old fashioned workout. Put your favorite songs on a play list and sweat it out at the gym, go for a long walk or bike ride, or shoot some hoops. You will not only feel better but will be getting in shape, which in turn will help you to feel better about yourself.

2 Rekindle Friendships

True friends are always there for you no matter what you are going through. Rekindle your friendship and get together for a day out. Being around your buddies will help you laugh and have fun, overall helping you to forget about why you were even sad in the first place. Head out on the town to watch a movie, go window shopping, or simply grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

3 Watch a Favorite

Take some time to watch a favorite show. When you are watching something you really enjoy, you will not be thinking about what is making you sad. Put in a good comedy, adventure or action flick or watch old episodes of some of your favorite TV shows.

4 Make a Change

Nothing says new quite like a change from the old -- whether you get a new hairstyle, rearrange your room or sign up for a class. To keep busy, take on a new hobby such as photography, knitting or painting. Learn something new, whether it's surfing, playing a musical instrument or hip-hop dancing, suggests Denise Ngo with Your Tango. Take this time to re-evaluate your music choices and create a new playlist -- when relationships do not work out they have a way of ruining songs you love, so use this time to discover new music.

5 Help Others

Take time to reach out and help others in your community. In addition to keeping you busy, you'll fill your heart with much-needed love and gratitude by serving those that need it the most. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or a home for the elderly. This work may help you to better respect what you currently have and realize how lucky you really are.

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