It is a rare student who has never stayed up all night studying. Some students procrastinate and put things off until the last possible minute because of busy social schedules or they feel that they perform better under pressure. The resulting exhaustion can wear you down prevent peak performance. A few simple steps can help you stay alert so you can keep studying even when you are mentally exhausted.

Step 1

Adjust your environment. Turn on lights. Sit in a comfortable chair. Use a fan to circulate the air. If the temperature is too warm, you may become sleepy.

Step 2

Alternate subjects. If you have different projects or exams, change what you study once an hour so you don't get burned out studying the same material.

Step 3

Study with a friend. You can quiz each other and keep each other more alert. Plus the process is more enjoyable. Just make sure you study rather than play.

Step 4

Stretch. Experts at High Point University recommend a 10 minute break once every hour. Even a few minutes of exercise can get your blood circulating and rev up your metabolism so you don't feel so exhausted. Staying in the same position to study tires you.

Step 5

Eat a snack. Make sure it is something fairly healthy, such as fruit, cheese and crackers or veggies with dip. Granola, nuts or protein bars offer other excellent snack choices. Avoid sugary foods as these can cause a spike and quick drop in your blood sugar, leaving you even more tired than when you began.

Step 6

Drink coffee or cola or another energy beverage. While this step does not offer a long-term solution and should be used sparingly, caffeinated beverages can help you over the hump should you need to pull an all-nighter.