How to Advance to Sniper in the Canadian Forces

Becoming a Canadian sniper takes dedication to Canada and serving in its armed forces.

Becoming a sniper in the Canadian forces is not easy, but it is a well-respected career choice for anyone interested in serving in that country's armed forces. The job requires a variety of skills and a dedication to the protection of one's country. One cannot become a sniper in the Canadian forces without going through extensive training and receiving certain certifications. Therefore, it takes a commitment to the armed services before you can become a sniper.

Complete basic reconnaissance patrolman training. This training includes becoming familiar with small unit tactics, navigation, surveillance and tracking. This course is a requirement for all members of the Canadian forces and is similar in nature to basic training in the United States Armed Forces. You will automatically be enrolled in the basic reconnaissance patrolman training upon joining the Canadian forces.

Complete a nine-week sniper course. If you are interested in advancing to a become a sniper, share this desire with a superior officer. He or she will evaluate your skills and, if you seem like you would make a good sniper, will help you enroll in the sniper course. The course will include information about how to target convoys and stationary aircraft. It will also cover how to command a sniper section and how to call for air support when under direct fire.

Learn to accurately shoot from a distance of up to 850 yards with a C3 .308 caliber sniper rifle and learn to engage targets from a distance of up to 2,000 yards with a .50 caliber sniper rifle. These rifles must be used without the laser range finder, as the finder could give away your position. You must learn to use the mil dots in the scopes to calculate range.

Become familiar with the skills of shooting, observation, judging distance and stalking.

Attain a level of shot perfection that allows you to take out a target with a single shot, a skill inspired by the "one shot, one kill" philosophy.

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